Royal jelly price varies from country to country. But in the global market, only one price is announced for the Royal Jelly. Of course, only a royal jelly that is pure and natural will have a chance to enter the world market.


Freeze Dried Royal Jelly Powder price

Raw royal jelly price is higher among other bee products. This is because of the low supply of this worthwhile product . But royal jelly is also available in other forms. One of them is freeze dried royal jelly powder. Royal jelly powder price depends on the price of raw royal jelly.

What Is Royal Jelly Powder

Keeping royal jelly for a long time is a very challenging task. Royal jelly is very corrosive at room temperature. It can be kept frozen for only a few months. One of the methods used to preserve the long-lasting royal jelly is the production of royal jelly powder. Royal jelly powder is made from royal jelly and has all its benefits.

In the preparation of royal jelly powder, which is also called freeze dried royal jelly powder, the water is removed from the product and the rest of its materials and benefits remain. Royal jelly powder can be stored for a long time.

Royal Jelly Powder Benefits

As we said, royal jelly powder has all the benefits of royal jelly. In addition, you can keep it in normal condition for a long time. If you use raw royal jelly for any purpose you can use this powder for the same purpose. Another benefit of the Royal Jelly Powder is that it is easier to use than raw royal jelly. Because it does not have the sour and sickly taste of the raw royal jelly.

royal jelly powder price

Royal Jelly Powder VS Fresh

One of the problems that fresh royal jelly consumers ever face is the Royal Jelly sour and spicy taste. Royal jelly has such a taste that makes it difficult for some people to eat it. Given that royal jelly powder has all the benefits of a fresh royal jelly, it is the best suggestion for people who can not eat fresh royal jelly. In addition, Royal Jelly Powder can be kept for a long time at room temperature, unlike fresh royal jelly.

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Royal Jelly Powder Wholesale

Usually royal jelly wholesale is done as royal jelly powder. Royal jelly powder can be stored for a long time longer than fresh Royal jelly, and it’s easier to transport. Of course, Royal Jelly Powder price is higher than fresh Royal jelly. But due to its advantages are worth the price. You can contact us to get royal jelly powder price.

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Pure Royal Jelly Price per Kg

Royal jelly is a product of honey bee that producers sell it per gram. Only in the wholesales of royal jelly that royal jelly price is calculated per Kg. This is especially true when royal jelly is sold in pure form.

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What Is Royal Jelly Good For

Royal jelly can be considered as one of the most beneficial bee products. This product is good for many diseases. From hay fever to treating diseases such as diabetes and the other. But it can be said that these days, the most important diseases that are treated with royal jelly are diseases like asthma and various types of cancer. Of course, these days one of the most commonly uses of royal jelly is to treat infertility.

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Health Benefits of Royal Jelly

Regular and daily intake of royal jelly can have many health benefits. People who have high blood pressure can help keep their blood pressure low by using royal jelly. On the other hand, regular use of royal jelly can make your blood sugar level evenly balanced. The effect of Royal Jelly on reducing facial wrinkles and reducing the effects of aging is also considered by women.

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Selling Royal Jelly Per Gram

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, selling royal jelly is usually done on a gram basis. One of these reasons may be the high price of a royal jelly. But another reason for this is that the use of royal jelly is low. The highest royal jelly doze is three grams a day. That’s why most sellers are selling royal jelly per gram.

royal jelly gram

Royal Jelly Best Seller

The best seller of Royal jelly is a seller who can recognize the buyer’s needs. When the buyer knows that the seller’s intention is not only to make a profit and wants to meet his need, he will be more trustworthy. You can contact us by email to contact the best seller of Royal jelly that offer best royal jelly price.

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Raw Pure Royal Jelly Manufacturers

Royal jelly is one of the most valuable products that a worker honeybee produces. Although honeybee produces royal jelly for the use of the queen. But this product is also very good for us. That’s why many countries are producing raw pure royal jelly. China is one of the largest of royal jelly manufacturers.

Royal Jelly queen

Benefits of Royal Jelly

Royal jelly is the first food to eat every bee. Royal jelly is an almost white and sticky substance. This substance makes the worker’s honeybee become a queen. Royal jelly has many benefits for us:

Skin: The use of royal jelly will cause skin rejuvenation.
immunity: Continuous use of royal jelly makes the body be stronger against various diseases.
Protein: royal jelly is a rich source of protein.
Cholesterol: Royal jelly can lower cholesterol levels of blood.
Infertility: If royal jelly is consumed regularly, it can increase fertility.

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Royal Jelly Vitamins

Most royal jelly ingredient is water. After water, the amount of protein in the royal jelly is high. Amino acids, minerals, vitamin B, and folic acid are among the ingredients in the Royal Jelly.  Although all these materials are in the Royal Jelly. But the reason for the unique properties of this product is still unknown.


How Does Pure Royal Jelly Taste

Due to the presence of folic acid in the royal jelly, the taste of this product is bitter and sour. But to eliminate this bitterness, you can mix royal jelly with natural honey. Another way is to use royal jelly powder. But using pure gel is much better than other kinds.


Royal Jelly and Infertility

With regular use of royal jelly, hormones can be balanced. When the hormone is balanced in the body, the chance of pregnancy increases. On the other hand, taking royal jelly increases the amount of sperm in men and strengthens the egg in women.


Royal Jelly 100 mg Price

The royal jelly price is announced in mg. Usually the royal jelly is sold by 100 mg. Unless there be a wholesale issue. In wholesale trades, royal jelly manufacturers calculate the price of this product in kilograms. Contact us for more information on royal jelly prices.