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Top Honey Importing Countries

Most honey importing countries are producing honey themselves. But honey production in these countries is not enough to meet their needs. For these reasons, these countries have no choice but to import honey. In 2017, top honey importing countries were European countries. Honey imports in the European countries accounted for more than 48% of the world’s imported honey.

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Honey Importing Companies

With increasing population on Earth, felt a greater need for food every day. Honey is one of the most popular foods among humans. Since the need for this food is gradually increasing, production and sales are also rising.

Most countries do not do not have facilities to produce honey. Or that the production of honey does not meet their needs. In these countries there are companies that import honey from other countries. These honey importing countries are looking for best honey with highest quality.

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Honey Import Restrictions

Each country has restrictions on the import of honey. For example, the United States does not import honey from all honey producing countries. And only the honey, which has been tested on natural and health, has a chance ti enter the American honey market. Honey that arrives in European countries must have a health certificate approved by these countries.


Honey Import Statistics

The statistics on honey imports in 2017 indicate that the United States has had the highest imports of honey this year. The United States had $ 568 million worth of honey imports this year, accounting for 24% of the world’s honey imports. After USA, Germany imported $ 281 million honey imports, accounting for 12 percent of global honey imports. In the third place, Japan imported $ 143 million and with the share of 6% was the third largest importer of honey in the world in 2017.

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Honey Import License

In each country, importers need to have licenses to import honey. License allows these importers to import honey from different countries. Contact us by email to learn how to get these licenses and how to get information on honey imports to different countries.