Do you need honey with wax or without wax and just as a nectar? If you have access to a center that you are sure that sell natural honey bee wax, as well as the honey, do not hesitate to doubt it and buy both honey with wax.


Where To Buy Bee Propolis | Where to Find Cheapest Shops?

Protein propolis is a substance made by Della that protects bacteria, viruses and fungi. Propolis is a plant resin collected by the plant for use in and around the hive. It also has many therapeutic properties and is used to remove bacteria and ulcers.Forever bee propolis continue to make honey and propolis, and the honey collected from different plant. nectaries is also different, however, the protein element samples will be the same in all cases.

It is in the form of cream, lotion and food And bee propolis spray.

Maybe the question is, where to buy bee Propolis ? You can purchase this product from pharmacies, grocery stores and sites.

Where To Buy Bee Propolis | Where to Find Cheapest Shops?

Does bee propolis kill good bacteria?

Does bee propolis kill good bacteria?Antibiotics kill some of the good bacteria that live in the gastrointestinal tract. These millions of intestinal microorganisms are considered as one member. With the use of Propolis, it is possible to reconstitute the good bacteria and intestines.It also has anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties. produces this precious and valuable propolis. Antibiotics Some of the good bacteria that live in the digestive system. These millions of intestinal microorganisms are considered in one member. Rice can be used to recover bacteria and intestines.

Is propolis anti inflammatory?

Is propolis anti inflammatory?Propolis (honey bee), known as a traditional medicine, is a lipophilic substance that is present in water. In the present study, the anti-inflammatory effect of Propolis was extracted with ethanol and used as a test substance. LD 50 was the amount of ethanolic extract of propolis (EEKP) with an oral intake of more than 2 grams per kilogram in mice. Oral and oral contraceptive extracts significantly increased vascular permeability and acetic acid contraction in mice Has been. Rice extract, 50 and 100 mg / kg of potassium per day for 7 days showed a significant inhibitory effect on granuloma and exudate form in rats. This inhibitory effect increased with the use of prednisolone (2.5 mg / kg). These results indicate that propolis appears to have potent anti-inflammatory activity.

Many natural products are used as anti-inflammatory and healing agents that Propolis is one of them.This product is a great deal of time used in medicine. However, this product is not suitable for all diseases.Currently, the quality of materials containing propolis is a major problem due to various pharmaceutical and chemical activities. Propolis is also available as propolis throat spray and is used for various diseases

Is bee propolis a blood thinner?

Is bee propolis a blood thinner?Propolis may increase the risk of bleeding in people with bleeding disorder. Heart disease is the leading cause of death worldwide Both high blood lipids and high blood cholesterol are associated with an increased risk of heart disease. Interestingly, bee pollen reduces these dangerous factors. Animal studies have shown that bee pollen extract can reduce blood cholesterol levels, especially LDL cholesterol “bad”

In people with anemia due to blocked arteries, bee pollen supplements reduce blood cholesterol levels, which increases their field of vision.

In addition, antioxidants in bee pollen may protect the lipids from oxidation. When the lipids are oxidized, they can be combined, increase blood vessels and increase the risk of heart disease.

Bee pollen can increase the side effects of warfarin, which can reduce blood pressure.

How do I use propolis on my skin?

How do I use propolis on my skin?It also acts as a local anesthetic for the skin and stimulates blood flow. It also has anti-inflammatory properties with many anti-wrinkle skin protectorsToday, Propolis is a great use in the healthcare industry . It also has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that cleans the skin and eliminates acne and blemishes.  Propolis is commonly used to heal, disinfect and repair the skin. Propolis will be problematic in preserving, relieving and relieving skin. It also reduces the growth of cells and pores. Propolis against bacteria and its function as an excellent anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agent.

Organic Propolis | Where to Find Best Sellers?

Organic Propolis:

Propolis has heard something. Propolis is a bee gum that protects the hive and holds it firmly, butpropolis benefits . It is useful in fighting cancer, relieving eczema and even treating colds and influenza.

Before you use Propolis, you need to know if you are allergic to honey and bee products. It’s important to know that Propolis, like other bee products, is allergic to those who are allergic to bees or products they contain. So if you have allergies, asthma or other health problems, it is best to check everything before taking it with your doctor.

Propolis is a brown-colored substance that is made up of a mixture of bee wax, resin, herbs, herbal compounds and their saliva. Its name comes from the Greek pro word means “in defense,” and polis means “city,” which in total means defending the city (or the hive).Organic Propolis | Where to Find Best Sellers?

What are the side effects of organic propolis?

What are the side effects of organic propolis?As mentioned, you should always talk to your doctor before using this substance or any other treatment. Those who are allergic to bee or bee products should avoid propolis. There is some evidence that people with asthma should prevent it or check with your doctor before taking it.

In addition, Propolis may dilute a little blood. This is especially useful for those with blood pressure, but those with blood disorders should avoid it, or those who have dilated blood should also avoid taking it.

What is organic propolis good for?

What is organic propolis good for?
One of the most useful uses of Propolis for the common cold and the flu. With the first symptoms of a sore throat, spray it directly on the throat( propolis  throat spray). Particularly for children, this method will be very interesting because everyone will like it because of the taste of honey.Facial wash with honey is one of the usual ways to wash facials with natural ingredients. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, honey is an excellent anti-aging skin care aid that quickly relieves it, but research has shown that it also has other benefits to the skin that are of great interest, including.Early studies indicate that this bee product may be beneficial for prostate and colon cancer among other cancers. Research has shown that propolis causes the death of cancer cells through necrosis. This means that the blood supply to these cells is disrupted and only harmful to the cells, but they do not harm the healthy cells.

۳۱۷/۵۰۰۰Those who are not allergic, Propolis can really reduce allergies and over time prevent the symptoms. One study showed that propolis (and less pollen) reduced the release of histamine from mastocyte cells in mice. Essentially, it acts as a natural antihistamine and fights against seasonal allergies.

Does organic propolis help hair growth?

Does organic propolis help hair growth?propolis benefits for hair :Propolis anti-inflammatory effects may also help to make it more effective against skin problems of eczema and psoriasis, and somewhat soothing.

It has anti-inflammatory properties and helps treat baldness.

People from ancient times used this substance to treat various types of tumors, inflammation and ulcers. It has an active compound called flavonoid, which has different medical applications. One of its most important uses is to treat infection in open wounds.

Today, the ingredients in this product are used in various products, such as creams, ointments, powders, pills, and capsules.

It prevents the growth of all harmful microorganisms and can be used as mouthwash in oral infections.

One of the most important uses of this substance is the removal of infection in the genitalia.

Affordable Organic Propolis Trades & Sells

Affordable Organic Propolis Trades & SellsBeekeeping and honey production is a laborious and sensitive task that must be followed by all the principles related to that hair. The amount of honey in the world is increasing day by day, and in addition to it, honey is also consumed.If you can do it right, it would definitely be profitable. Of course, it depends on how much your output is. This job is a completely normal job and has a great deal of dependence on nature, which is easier than working in closed and factory spaces and does not cause stress and collapse. The other is a decent income that will be encouraged and motivated by the type of product (honey, wax, flower pollen, propolis, and royal jelly).

Propolis Products | Where to Find Best Sellers?

first of all we wanna say something about propolis products,and what is propolis?

Propolis or bee glue is a resinous mixture that honey bees produce by mixing saliva and beeswax with exudate gathered from tree buds, sap flows, or other botanical sources.

Due to the plasticity of this product in foodstuffs, cosmetics, candles, etc., wax is easily formed and shaved, so it is used in metal castings and modeling. This product is easily available in stores  Small is not found. To prepare it you can use the website or specialized stores. The best sellers are online.Many brands produce horse-drawn products. Generally, buyers will not be confronted with a lack of brand diversity, although not all high-end brands.

Propolis Products | Where to Find Best Sellers?

What products have propolis?

What products have propolis?Several powerful and highly effective products have been developed to increase the physical power of the body extracted from honey and  in large forages in a clean and non-polluting environment.  Alovera’s bees feed on their blooms and create  unique product.

there some products have propolis:

  • Wood preservatives
  • Bowl Yarn
  • Pesticides and fungicides

In a study on rat mice, it was found that propolis can affect mast glands, which have glands secreting histamine. After two weeks, the amount of histamine produced by the allergen was strangely reduced.  The research showed that propolis properties can be used to treat seasonal allergies.

What are the benefits of taking propolis?

What are the benefits of taking propolis?The propolis of gum is a tree that is secreted by plants and trees at different points in a private place and the bee is collected from trees such as willow, pussy, elm, tabrizi, plum, etc., and in the same way as the pollen of the flower  He grips his back and attaches to the hive, but never stores it in the cells.  Bees use a propolis to block those holes and seams of hive, whose diameter is less than 4 mm.  Plus, they tie the frames to the hive until they are completely fixed and shaken.

This extracurricular substance has anti-bacterial, antifungal, anti-parasitic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-tooth decay effects, as well as immune system enhancer, improves oral and gingival disorders, local anesthetics, reducing agents.  Blood pressure is used.

for answer”how to use raw propolis?”If you want to use raw propolis, first try to choose a green wax because its impurities are easily visible.

what to do with propolis?

what to do with propolis?Some of the uses and uses of propolis in cosmetics are listed below:

  • Antibacterial agent
  • Anti-odor and antiperspirant
  • The agent is similar to sebum and anti-dandruff
  • Hair shampoos and lotions
  • Antimicrobial and repair agent
  • Products after the correction of the face
  • Anti-irritant and antibacterial agent
  • Anti-wrinkle face
  • Cleansing agent
  • Mouthwashes and toothpastes
  • the keeper
  • In all of the above
  • Free Recipient Recipient
  • Anti-aging cream
  • propolis for allergies
  • Reconstruction of body tissues
  • Strengthen the capillaries of the body
  • Anti rheumatism

Given that today, the use of natural methods in different parts of life is recommended in the cosmetic industry of propolis, and the use of creams is used, on the other hand, in the agricultural sector, the possibility of replacing propolis with solutions such as ammonia  There, the use of this substance in fertilizers and poisons in agriculture is being investigated and there are great hopes for its use.

Bulk Prices Of Propolis Products

Bulk Prices Of Propolis ProductsPropolis has tremendous properties for humans.  That is why the price of propolis is very different from the price of gum produced by the wax.  In fact, gum does not have any properties for humans, and it is used only as a sticky substance.  While this gum combines with the material of the bee body when it comes to the beehive, it becomes a valuable ingredient called the propolis.However, the price of raw wax is very low, but the use of this material is not recommended in any way.  Raw lobster is said to have heavy molecules that do not digest in the stomach and are completely excreted through the feces from the human body.  That is why it is said that man should not use propolis in raw form.  The price of raw propolis is also very low due to its lack of application.

Honey Best Price | Where to buy natural honey?

honey is one of the most popular cooking foods and also the relief of many

 honey Benefits on Health

·  beneficial for blood: honey has a lot of influence on the body, and this will depend on the type of your consumption. Mix honey with lukewarm water and drink, it has a very beneficial effect on the number of red blood cells in the blood

·  The antibacterial and antibacterial properties: consumption of honey enhances the properties of anti-bacterial drugs, reinforcing iron performance and resistance to harmful microbial activities. In traditional medicine, one of the benefits of using honey is the treatment of respiratory tract infections.

·  Edible energy

·  Assisted digestion

 ·  Helping Deep And Correct Sleep In Children

The honey price is determined by
various criteria and factors, including the type of honey, its quality,
packaging, place of harvest and some other things. Of course, the natural 
Honey Best Price will be much higher than sugar honey.

Honey Best Price | Where to buy natural honey?

which store sell natural honey?

which store sell natural honey?Natural honey helps strong resistance because of better absorption and resistance to bruises; it also helps to improve the efficiency of the mind. Thus, healthy individuals also need it to treat any weakness especially in the cases of digestion or absorbing food in the body. It also increases the growth of newborns, stabilizes bone calcium, helps treat anemia and anorexia.

Some generally say that there is no natural
honey in the country and cannot be found pure honey, but the reality is that
natural and pure honey is available in the country (although its proportion to
counterfeit honey in the market Very low)
but, like everything else, we need to pay the


where can you buy honey with best price?

where can you buy honey with best price?

Sabalan honey is in fact due to the characteristics and quality attributed
to it, and in registering a product as a global product, its features are
characterized by its appearance, color, taste and quality. Accordingly, Sabalan
honey from other products and indications The domestic production is distinct
and finally, after the national registration, has now entered the global

The most important issue for exporting honey to traders as well as buyers
of this product is the appropriate price. the price of honey honey per kilo
varies from 22,000 sq to 120,000 tomans

Many traders are looking for honey – oriented honey and are trying to
deliver quality goods to other countries at the same time.

Iranian Honey Export Prices in Different Types:

• Natural Exports of Honey: 60,000

• Export Honey prices: 40,000

• Honey price of 500 grams natural: 52500

• Prices of natural honey 350 grams: 22200

big manufacturer in producing best honey

 big manufacturer in producing best honey

Iran is one of the largest exporters of high quality
honey that has many fans around the world. Honey is one of the most suitable
food products for export because it is not corrupt, which makes it possible for
the exporter to transport the product and deliver healthy honey.

Fourteen countries that export honey to Iran:

Germany, Qatar, Afghanistan, one of the buyers of honey
exports, China, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Iraq, Lebanon, Turkey,
Azerbaijan, UAE, Oman, Bahrain. Other exporters of honey.

Best Honey Features:

No matter what type of honey you eat, such as
honey, or honey, you should have honey produced through a bee and, secondly,
bee is not fed with sugar or sugary material. In fact, honey is natural. And
the natural honey has a number of parameters, each of which shows good honey


Parameters such as sucrose content, moisture
content, pH of honey, each of which has a standard level that indicates the
amount of honey desirable.

Most Profitable Honey Trades in 2019

Most Profitable Honey Trades in 2019

Health Honey Company has been serving the health of Iranian families for
many years and in order to promote quantitative and qualitative products with
the use of modern science and technology, using modern packaging systems based
on GMP standards, the establishment of packaging unit Honey has been natural
and has inspired Iranian taste for its actions in order to be able to serve the
honorable people of Iran every day better than previous days.

According to the latest survey by West Azerbaijan, with over one million and 100 thousands of modern and indigenous people and producing 21 thousand tons of honey, which comprises about one third of the country ” s honey, several consecutive years have ranked the country first in terms of production and the number of modern hives.


buy bee propolis

Buy Pure Bee Propolis Extract & Products

Buy pure bee propolis extract and products are available worldwide. Propolis is the resin that bees create out of trees, flowers, and wax. From which they carry back to their hives to seal it and keep it sterile. “It’s full of bioflavanoids, it’s antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory,” Propolis has well known wound-healing properties sand helps with skin cell turnover,” It also has anti-inflammatory properties—a lot of people swear by it for their skin.”

buy pure bee propolis

7 Ways Propolis Benefits Skin

  • Due to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, Propolis helps to speed up the wound-healing process.
  • Propolis is also said to be effective in reducing signs of cold sores.
  • Propolis  quells minor burns.
  • It may reduce the appearance of wrinkles and smooth out skin, according to the site Bee Pollen Buzz.
  •  Propolis may help keep you blemish free.
  • As a natural sealant, Propolis may also help skin retain more moisture to maintain a healthier, more vibrant complexion.
  • Also propolis is gentle on sensitive skin, and can even help reduce redness. *This redness can be relate to acne, as Propolis is said to be beneficial for individuals with mild to moderate forms of acne.

buy oure bee

Propolis is a substance from bees

Propolis is a substance from  bees as a coating for beehives. It is a wax-like substance that has a similar effect to caulking. It is use to make the hive air and weather tight.  Hence, which are extremely beneficial for the health of the body in numerous ways. Studies show that propolis has strong antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-microorganism properties.

Use of propolis in the hive is to protect the hive against various diseases and bacteria. Also, the propolis is use to fill the unwanted blanks inside the hive. Raw bee propolis is kind of propolis which is directly harvested from different parts of the hive or using propolis traps.

Raw bee propolis can be consider as the most natural product of the bee. To use raw propolis, it should be store in the refrigerator. The propolis that is keep at a low temperature will be stiff. In this case, you can use a small amount of propolis in each time and hold it for a while in your mouth, then swallow it. so simple!


buy pure bee

Propolis is selling in health food

Propolis is selling  in health food stores across the country and online in various forms.  Including powders, capsules, ointments, and creams. For best results, either make your own cream using powder propolis. However, carrier oil or try to find raw propolis in resin form and apply directly to the skin. Some individuals have an allergic reaction to the ingredients in propolis. Before applying propolis to a large area of the body, test for a reaction on a small area of the skin first. Roodin Honey is the supplier of pure bee extract and powder.

Raw green propolis is more popular

Raw green propolis is more popular among buyers. That is because they think green propolis is more puer and natural. In fact, the color of the propolis depends on the plants that are used by bees to make propolis.

One of the reasons why honeybee products are so popular is because they are natural and organic products. All buyers of that products expect to receive an organic and pure product. Buyers have the same expectations when they want to buy bee propolis. That is why they usually prefer to buy raw bee propolis. Propolis is a substance that makes the bee using tree buds. With the changes made by the bee on the propolis, it converts it into a substance with antibacterial substance. Color of propolis are usually between green and brown.

Buy Honey Bee Wax Online

Online shopping is one of the best ways through which you can get all honey bee products. One of the products available online is honey bee wax. Buy honey bee wax online and get the best of this product in the shortest possible time.


Where Does Honey Beeswax Come From

If you want to know where the beeswax comes from, it’s best to look at the name of this product: bee wax! Yes Bee wax is one of the bee products. You will no doubt see these hexagonal waxes in which honey is placed inside. These waxes play a very important role inside the hive. Because bee wax is actually bee’s home.


What Is the Use of Honey Bee Wax

Honey bee wax inside the hive plays a very important role. The bees use these waxes to make their beehives. These hexagonal holes are used to store honey and pollen. The queen’s eggs also grow inside these wax cells and become bees. Beeswax also is used in many industries. The greatest use of honey bee wax is in the cosmetics industry and the production of candles.


Where Can I Buy Honey Wax

Since honey bee wax is one of the products that the bee produces, beekeepers can be recognized as suppliers of beeswax. But it’s not easy to get access to beekeepers who are producers of completely natural and high quality honey beeswax. Surfing in the net can connect buyers to a lot of bee wax suppliers. But in the meantime, this is the buyer who has to decide which beekeepers to buy from.

beeswax uses

The Original Bee’s Wax Wholesale

As said, the best way to buy original honey bees is to visit the bee products supplying sites. These sites also make wax wholesale. Contact us for information on how to buy honey bee wax and its prices and access wax suppliers.

honey bee wax

Natural Honey Wax for Sale

In the market of honey products,when we see honey wax for sale the most important question is whether this product is natural or not. Of course, the answer to this question will be more important for wax honey that will be sold on the global market.


Natural Honey Bee Wax

The natural honey bee wax plays the most important role in the hive. This hexagon cells make from wax whose first role is that they are a home for bees. In addition, wax honey is used as a storehouse for storing honey and pollen for winter use or for us. Another of the most important applications of honey wax in the hive is to use it as a place to convert larvae to bees.

natural honey wax

Honey Wax Products

One of the main products of beeswax production is ointment and creams that are used for use in the cosmetic industry. It can be said that in recent years honey has been the most used in cosmetic industry. Another is the use of beeswax in the pharmaceutical industry. The third is the use of natural honey wax to make the candle. In all these industries, the best type of beeswax must be used.

bee wax product

Honey Wax Buy Online

All the industries that use honey wax to produce their products need to buy product from wholesalers. Given the importance of quality in all these industries, buyers should look for a supplier who sells the best natural honey bee wax types. Buying honey wax online is one of the best ways to reach such suppliers.

bee wax sale

Honey Bee Wax Price

Suppliers who use online ways to put honey wax for sale should know that they have to sell this product to the seller with the best price. Because there is a huge competition in the online market. To find out the price of different types of honey wax in the online marketplace, contact us by email.

honey wax sale

Honey Bee Wax Suppliers

Bee wax is one of the honey bee products. The bee produces wax to store its honey and to raise larvae in the wax. For this reason, most honey suppliers are also bee wax suppliers. Most of the honey exporter countries are bee wax exporters too. China is one of these countries.


Economic Importance Of Honey Bee Wax

Honey bee is not the only creature that uses the benefits of the bee wax. Human beings uses the benefits of that product too. The economic importance of honey bee wax is not less for humans than honey bees. Bee produces wax for many uses but human use it for a wide variety of industries, including the cosmetic. Human beings in the past and now days use a lot of beeswax.


Honey Bee Wax Uses

Today, the most uses of beeswax is to make cosmetics. Products such as moisturizing cream, lip gloss, eye liner, lipstick and … are among the products that are produced using beeswax. Beeswax is also used to produce hair shine. Bee wax is one of the most important materials for producing candles. Wear beeswax is also used as a shiner of leather clothes.

bee wax uses

Honey Bee Wax Processing

To use beeswax, it must go through processing. During these processes beeswax is prepared for use in various industries. At the first step beekeeper harvest honey. Then he removes the wax from the honey. The wax is melting away by heat. These waxes are poured into special molds and made ready for use by giving them shape.


Honey Bee Wax Distributor

Honey sales can be done in a variety of ways. Wax bees are sold in the same way as honey. Internet sites have made it possible for bee wax suppliers to sell their products to all countries around the world. As well as bee wax buyers can easily communicate with vendors. for more information about bee wax suppliers you can contact us.


Honey Bee Wax Manufacturer Countries

Most honey producing countries are also producing honey bee waxes. Of course, some countries have more wax production than honey. Although China is the largest producer of honey in the world, it has little wax production. India is the world’s largest bee wax man.

Beeswax (1)


Do Honey Bees Make Wax

The only insect that produces a beneficial ingredient for humans is a bee. Most people think honey is the only bee product. But honey bee has a lot of valuable products that honey is just one of them. Wax is another bee-keeping product. Wax is very useful to humans. Honey bees make wax to keep honey in them.



How Is Honey Beeswax Made

Honey beeswax is made from sugar in honey. This sugar in the honey bee’s abdomen turns into wax after passing steps. All honey bees can not make wax. Only worker bees who have reached the age of 12 to 20 days can make wax. Because at this time their body gains this ability.

honey bee wax


Honey Bee Wax Manufacturer India

In 2015, India has been the world’s largest bee wax manufacturer. The production of wax in India is as high as 33 percent of the world’s total wax. India has been increasing its wax production over the past few years.after India  second-largest bee wax manufacturer country was Ethiopia. Ethiopia has produced 5% of the world’s wax. The difference between the two countries shows a high level of wax production in India.

beeswax india


Honey Bee Wax for Sale

Wax-producing countries are working to bring wax to the global market. To do this, they must be able to produce a product that can be accepted by the global market. Selling a product that has a high quality is even easier in the global market. Because all buyers are looking for high quality. The seller must provide the buyer with what he wants. For information on how to sell wax in global markets email us.


Honey Price per Ton

Honey prices in major purchases should be measured per ton. The reason for this is that the purchase rate is high. Because of that we say honey price per kg is not suitable for major purchases of more than one hundred tons or higher.

honey exporter


Honey Price per Kg

In most countries, as well as in world market, the honey price  is announced per pound. But the announcement of honey price per kg is common in many countries as well. For example, many African countries report honey prices per kg.



Honey Price per lb

As we said, the honey measurement unit is in many countries a pound. The pound is shown with the symbol lb. One of those countries that calculates the  price of  per pound is the United States. Due to the World Price Announcement of honey  by the United States, this price is also announced per pound.

price honey


Honey Price per Pint

Some of honey seller sites are announcing honey price per pint.  For  reaching the exact price of this product, you can convert every pint, which is equal to 1.5 pounds. Converting the unit of measurement before pricing makes it  easy to not confuse the price calculation.



Honey Price per Quart

Perhaps it’s a little unlikely, but in some honey sales centers, the honey price is calculated on a quart basis. It is true that the unit is not well-known measurement unit, but it is used in some countries. To convert a quart to a pound, multiply it by 3.

export honey


Honey Price per Litre

Since honey is a liquid substance, some sites have priced it per liter. This pricing style may be problematic for some people. Because the conversion of liter to pound is a bit of a grimmer. But we can use conversion tables to convert measuring units like litre to pound.

honey sellers

Honey Price per Oz

Anonymous Oz is one of the units used for pricing honey. Some of America’a states use this unit of measurement. Europe has already officially used Oz, but today it uses the unit unofficially. Each ounce is equal to a sixteenth pound.

Honey import price