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Bee Propolis Wholesale For Export

Bee propolis wholesale for export is at good price. This is most important. A quality raw matter and a correct processing, will allow getting quality products. Even though in propolis have been isolate more than 180 bioactive compounds. Furthermore when analyzing a derivative of propolis usually only its total content in polyphenols is evaluate. However, an extensive comparative analysis of two propolises would be very expensive. So, unfortunately, it is very difficult to assess the quality of processed propolis.

For example, you can use a lot of lower quality propolis to get a dye that, overall. Hence, can be compare to one that has been made with a much smaller amount of propolis but with higher quality. Sure you get to have a total content of polyphenols that is equal or bigger. Moreover,  is very likely to be much poorer in diversity of bioactive compounds than the one that has been made with high quality propolis.

bee propolis wholesale

To make our propolis tincture

To make our propolis tincture is a rather simple procedure. It is about having propolis and grape alcohol of good quality  The hydroused to be the first product derive from propolis. This extraction, xall  as tincture, is the one that contains every property of the propolis. Only in this first extraction, the real percentage of pure propolis that was utilize to make it can be known.

Also the propolises actives can be extract only in water or in glycerol. However,  the extraction is smaller in quantities of extracted actives and are only a small part of propolis nutrients. Hence, which are capable solubilize in half water / glycerol without the presence of alcohol.y. Furthermore,  put them in contact during a determine period of time shaking it daily to promote the exchange of compounds from the propolis to the alcohol.

bee propolis wholesale

The propolis pieces are introduce in a plastic

The propolis pieces are introduce in a plastic or stainless steel recipient. Hence,  little by little their compounds dissolve and it loses its integrity. Later it is filtered to obtain clean propolis tincture.This tincture can be bottled directly to obtain our propolis tincture or it can be used as ingredient for other preparations. The mouth spray, the syrup, the regenerating facial cream, the regenerating hands and feet cream, the regenerating body lotion, the bath gel,the shampoo, the soap, and the toothpaste are made with propolis tincture. Bee propolis wholesale price is very good from Roodin Honey.

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Best Bee Propolis Capsules Price

One of the best ways to use propolis is the use of propolis capsules. The propolis capsule is very suitable for people who have problems with the use of raw propolis. Additionally, the affordable propolis capsules price can be a reason to buy this product.

propolis capsule

Health Benefits of Bee Propolis Capsules

In the past, the most common use of raw propolis was to heal wounds. Propolis is very effective in treating wounds. But today, discovering the benefits of wax for health caused eating this product has grown a lot. For this reason, the propolis capsules has entered the market for ease of eating.

The propolis capsule has all the benefits of raw wax. Daily use of propolis capsules can strengthen the immune system. The propolis capsule is one of the substances used to treat cancer. And also the propolis capsule can lower blood pressure.


Bee Propolis Capsules Side Effects

Products produced by bees are the most natural products found in nature. None of these products have side effects. This is also true about the propolis capsules. If you are sure of the quality of the purchased propolis capsules, you can safely take it without any . The only side effect that propolis capsule may have is that it can cause allergy in some people. Especially those who are prone to allergic reactions.

bee propolis capsules

Bee Propolis Capsules VS Liquid

The propolis capsules and liquid propolis both are made of raw propolis. The only difference is in their process of conversion. Each of these products has the benefits of raw propolis. Therefor anyone can choose which one they want to use.

Both of these products are suitable for strengthening the immune system and enhancing overall body health. Generally, liquid propolis is suitable for the treatment of oral and dental problems, as well as for the treatment of sore throats. Propolis capsule is more suitable for digestive diseases.

propolis liquid

Where to Buy Bee Propolis Capsules

It is true that propolis is one of the products that beekeepers must actually sell. But the propolis capsule is prepared after several processes. That’s why there are companies that buy raw propolis from beekeepers and sell them as capsules. To buy a propolis capsule should contact these companies. You can email us to buy a propolis capsule and get information about propolis capsules price.

best propolis capsules

propolis capsule

Bee Propolis Products for Sale

Beekeepers offer propolis in raw and also in various forms to the buyer. Although the raw propolis can be consumed in the raw form. But to get the most out of this product, you can get different products from raw bee propolis. Most sellers believe that propolis products for sale are better option than raw propolis.

propolis products


Best Bee propolis Products

Propolis has many benefits and uses for humans. In addition, the use of raw propolis is not possible in many cases. Or the use of raw propolis can make some problems for the consumer because of allergic issues.That is why the best way to make more use of propolis is to produce products from raw propolis. Each of these products is suitable for using one of the benefits of propolis. Here is a brief summary of some of the bee propolis products:

Propolis Ointment

One of the propolis products is the propolis ointment. Propolis ointment should be made from pure and natural propolis. Propolis ointment is used to treat skin diseases. Since propolis is a natural product,you can also use it on open wounds too.

propolis Ointment


Propolis Extract

propolis extract is one of the products that comes directly from raw propolis. Propolis extract is produced in different ways. If you want to take propolis for diseases like gastrointestinal diseases, the extract of the propolis is the best option for you.

propolis extract


Propolis Tincture

Propolis syrup is like propolis extract for oral administration. This product is more suitable for the treatment of diseases such as canker sores and sore throats. Propolis syrup can be prepared easily using raw propolis.

propolis Tincture


Propolis Spray

If you want to use propolis any time and anywhere, you can have spray propolis. Spray propolis can be used for oral administration and treatment of sore throat. In addition, you can spray on the skin or on the wound. The biggest advantage of propolis spray is that it is so simple to use.

propolis spray


Propolis cream

As its name suggests, propolis cream is used on the skin. The use of propolis can help eliminate wrinkles in the face. It is also suitable for removing acne. For use on skin, the best option is to use propolis creams.

propolis cream

Propolis Capsules

The propolis capsule is another product that is suitable for oral use. Considering that raw propolis has a sharp smell, some people prefer to use propolis capsules. Usually, the dose of propolis capsule is three times daily.

Propolis products for sale via the Internet are the best option. Buyers can contact us to receive any of the products of propolis.