Honey Price per Ton

Honey prices in major purchases should be measured per ton. The reason for this is that the purchase rate is high. Because of that we say honey price per kg is not suitable for major purchases of more than one hundred tons or higher.

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Honey Price per Kg

In most countries, as well as in world market, the honey price  is announced per pound. But the announcement of honey price per kg is common in many countries as well. For example, many African countries report honey prices per kg.



Honey Price per lb

As we said, the honey measurement unit is in many countries a pound. The pound is shown with the symbol lb. One of those countries that calculates the  price of  per pound is the United States. Due to the World Price Announcement of honey  by the United States, this price is also announced per pound.

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Honey Price per Pint

Some of honey seller sites are announcing honey price per pint.  For  reaching the exact price of this product, you can convert every pint, which is equal to 1.5 pounds. Converting the unit of measurement before pricing makes it  easy to not confuse the price calculation.



Honey Price per Quart

Perhaps it’s a little unlikely, but in some honey sales centers, the honey price is calculated on a quart basis. It is true that the unit is not well-known measurement unit, but it is used in some countries. To convert a quart to a pound, multiply it by 3.

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Honey Price per Litre

Since honey is a liquid substance, some sites have priced it per liter. This pricing style may be problematic for some people. Because the conversion of liter to pound is a bit of a grimmer. But we can use conversion tables to convert measuring units like litre to pound.

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Honey Price per Oz

Anonymous Oz is one of the units used for pricing honey. Some of America’a states use this unit of measurement. Europe has already officially used Oz, but today it uses the unit unofficially. Each ounce is equal to a sixteenth pound.

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