Honey Best Price | Where to buy natural honey?

honey is one of the most popular cooking foods and also the relief of many

 honey Benefits on Health

·  beneficial for blood: honey has a lot of influence on the body, and this will depend on the type of your consumption. Mix honey with lukewarm water and drink, it has a very beneficial effect on the number of red blood cells in the blood

·  The antibacterial and antibacterial properties: consumption of honey enhances the properties of anti-bacterial drugs, reinforcing iron performance and resistance to harmful microbial activities. In traditional medicine, one of the benefits of using honey is the treatment of respiratory tract infections.

·  Edible energy

·  Assisted digestion

 ·  Helping Deep And Correct Sleep In Children

The honey price is determined by
various criteria and factors, including the type of honey, its quality,
packaging, place of harvest and some other things. Of course, the natural 
Honey Best Price will be much higher than sugar honey.

Honey Best Price | Where to buy natural honey?

which store sell natural honey?

which store sell natural honey?Natural honey helps strong resistance because of better absorption and resistance to bruises; it also helps to improve the efficiency of the mind. Thus, healthy individuals also need it to treat any weakness especially in the cases of digestion or absorbing food in the body. It also increases the growth of newborns, stabilizes bone calcium, helps treat anemia and anorexia.

Some generally say that there is no natural
honey in the country and cannot be found pure honey, but the reality is that
natural and pure honey is available in the country (although its proportion to
counterfeit honey in the market Very low)
but, like everything else, we need to pay the


where can you buy honey with best price?

where can you buy honey with best price?

Sabalan honey is in fact due to the characteristics and quality attributed
to it, and in registering a product as a global product, its features are
characterized by its appearance, color, taste and quality. Accordingly, Sabalan
honey from other products and indications The domestic production is distinct
and finally, after the national registration, has now entered the global

The most important issue for exporting honey to traders as well as buyers
of this product is the appropriate price. the price of honey honey per kilo
varies from 22,000 sq to 120,000 tomans

Many traders are looking for honey – oriented honey and are trying to
deliver quality goods to other countries at the same time.

Iranian Honey Export Prices in Different Types:

• Natural Exports of Honey: 60,000

• Export Honey prices: 40,000

• Honey price of 500 grams natural: 52500

• Prices of natural honey 350 grams: 22200

big manufacturer in producing best honey

 big manufacturer in producing best honey

Iran is one of the largest exporters of high quality
honey that has many fans around the world. Honey is one of the most suitable
food products for export because it is not corrupt, which makes it possible for
the exporter to transport the product and deliver healthy honey.

Fourteen countries that export honey to Iran:

Germany, Qatar, Afghanistan, one of the buyers of honey
exports, China, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Iraq, Lebanon, Turkey,
Azerbaijan, UAE, Oman, Bahrain. Other exporters of honey.

Best Honey Features:

No matter what type of honey you eat, such as
honey, or honey, you should have honey produced through a bee and, secondly,
bee is not fed with sugar or sugary material. In fact, honey is natural. And
the natural honey has a number of parameters, each of which shows good honey


Parameters such as sucrose content, moisture
content, pH of honey, each of which has a standard level that indicates the
amount of honey desirable.

Most Profitable Honey Trades in 2019

Most Profitable Honey Trades in 2019

Health Honey Company has been serving the health of Iranian families for
many years and in order to promote quantitative and qualitative products with
the use of modern science and technology, using modern packaging systems based
on GMP standards, the establishment of packaging unit Honey has been natural
and has inspired Iranian taste for its actions in order to be able to serve the
honorable people of Iran every day better than previous days.

According to the latest survey by West Azerbaijan, with over one million and 100 thousands of modern and indigenous people and producing 21 thousand tons of honey, which comprises about one third of the country ” s honey, several consecutive years have ranked the country first in terms of production and the number of modern hives.


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