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Factory Supplies Natural Pure Bee Propolis

Factory supplies natural pure bee propolis is at very good price. It is an excellent opportunity for traders worldwide The most commonly use propolis is for its antibacterial effect. But propolis is also very useful for the skin. The use of propolis will make the skin smoother and lighter. Hence, reduces the effects of age. Also helps to eliminate acne. Researches have shown that propolis can resolve skin problems. For this reason, propolis will be use to produce cosmetic and therapeutic creams.

Propolis is a waxy resin, complex in composition and viscous consistency that bees make from resinous particles of different vegetables and which they use in the construction, reparation and protection of the hive.

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The use of propolis on the wounds

The use of propolis on the wounds improves them faster.If you have toothpastes, you can use propolis to kill your teeth germ. Bee propolis has many health benefits for us. We can achieve amazing results with daily and regular consumption of this product. Here are some of these benefits in summary.

Daily consumption of propolis can reduce blood pressure. If you regularly eat propolis, you can help cure cancer such as gastric cancer and prostate cancer.

Use of propolis in the hive is to protect the hive against various diseases and bacteria. Also, the propolis is use to fill the unwanted blanks inside the hive. Raw bee propolis is kind of propolis which is directly harvest from different parts of the hive or using propolis traps.

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The stickiness of bee propolis

The stickiness of bee propolis makes the bee easily use this material to cover unwanted spaces inside the hive. In addition, propolis is a powerful natural anti-bacterial that moves all bacteria inside the hive. Among the products produced by bees, we can mention the propolis. The propolis is also known as bee glue for because of its adhesion.

Raw bee propolis can be consider as the most natural product of the bee. To use raw propolis, it should be store in the refrigerator. The propolis that is kept at a low temperature will be stiff. In this case, you can use a small amount of propolis in each time and hold it for a while in your mouth, then swallow it. so simple!


The production of organic raw propolis

The production of organic raw propolis must be done in such a way that the smallest extra material with propolis is not mix. Propolis is a natural product that bees produce. To the propolis to has the benefits, it should be quite organic. The honeybee may go to many things when producing propolis, which makes our product not so organic.

Raw green propolis is more popular among buyers. That is because they think green propolis is more puer and natural. In fact, the color of the propolis depends on the plants that are used by bees to make propolis.

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The use of different types of propolis

The use of different types of propolis is beneficial. But the consumption of raw bee propolis can have more benefits. For example, if you want to strengthen your immune system using propolis, the best way is to eat raw propolis. But in some cases, propolis can not be consumed raw. For example, people who can not tolerate the smell of raw propolis due to illness can use capsule or powder.

Propolis is a substance that makes the bee using tree buds. With the changes made by the bee on the propolis, it converts it into a substance with antibacterial substance. Color of propolis are usually between green and brown.

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