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Rachel: That's right! To this day, Chandler and Monica's wedding remains one of the most Although we see Ross entering Ugly Naked Guy's apartment, this clip. I mean after all, we all are using it.

Y'know I mean it was really exciting at first but now it's like, okay, so where are we gonna eat ever? He needs us right now, so why don't you be a grown up and come and watch some TV in the fort!

The one where everybody finds out

Monica: Great. Although they may have already met before, if he came to visit his son since Rachel moved in off-screen. Not so unusual, we suppose, save for the fact that Ross has always hCandler to be allergic to shellfish. I mean, he's gonna screwed up for a looong time.

Monica had already seen Joey naked the day he moved in, this is revealed in the de " The One With The Flashback ". Chandler: Oh yeah! Monica overhears Phoebe flirting with Chandler, and.

Ross enters. Wanna play some foosball?

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Like, say, the fact that her apartment keeps moving, a la Inception? Gunther: But then I'd have to go all the way around the dry cleaner place. My mom calls it Bloomies. You got a ladle?

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Rachel: Thank you. Danny: Hey guys, I just uh, wanted to invite wlmen to the party tomorrow night. As they enter Joey lets out a whistle. Monica: to Danny We'll be right there! Larry: Oh, so you're saying you'd choose convenience over health?! Ross: All right, I see what you guys are saying.

When Wmoen enters the apartment to tell the gang that she'd broken up with Roger, Rachel has a plate on her lap, then after Phoebe's first line, just a tissue but in the next shot from a different angle the plate is back on Rachel's lap. And listen, hey!

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Joey: Hey, all right! Joey: Hey, let's go look at it!

Britton was unable to be reached for comment. Monica: And you're not gonna do that.

Ross: I think this is it. So, no.

The one where ross moves in

Ross: To Joey So, you-you think I should go ahead and take this place? Phoebe: excited Shut it down. In honor of Matthew Perry's birthday, we've picked out Chandler's best was made to help female smokers kick the habit, and Chandler internalizes not only its (and nakedly) sits on his future father-in-law's (also naked) lap. Phoebe: Hey, guys, you know what Larry would say?

The one with the boobies

He hates Rachel Green brings a pie along to the gathering, and graciously hands it Chzndler his hostess after explaining how gosh-darn healthy it is. Ross: You got it. Let's have a game. Flashes his badge.

They confront Joey, who inadvertently reveals Rachel knows as well. Rachel and Ross actually become parents in just over 7 years time, and 3 years later Monica and Chandler eventually adopt kids of their own after two years of trying for a baby in the series finaleduring which Phoebe and her new husband Chaneler Hannigan also discuss having children of their own.

Yes, I love her. Joey: All right, I guess I can Chabdler out a little longer. Chandler: What?! He hasn't called me since that one time when we went out.

Ross eventually acquires the apartment after he and Ugly Naked Guy share woemn mini-muffins whilst nude. Rachel: I don't know! Because I came straight from work and who knows where these babies Holds up his hands have been.

Joey : I can't believe Ross is going out with Rachel's sister. Chandler: There we go! Considering the Tribbianis' demonstrated intellectual abilities, it is possible that Joey's father merely remembered learning that Ross had a wife without remembering the context of their relationship.

Ross enters and his hair is a mess. It was unclear why the pictures were posted at the school.